The Story

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, a group of people, some writers, some musicians walked into a bar ... no sorry, that whole nonsense was just a marketing ploy. The entire world was in the middle of a global pandemic, so no one was allowed out in public. Instead, they all sat alone, each in their respective homes, honing their individual skills and talents while consuming buckets upon buckets of coffee.

Legend has it this group consumed so much coffee that the only possible way they could continue to feed their insatiable appetites for the black gold was to join forces and create their own coffee company for the soul purpose of skimming off any excess beans for their own selfish desires.

But like all things coffee, something magical came to fruition; not only did they create Writers & Rockers Coffee Company using the finest beans from around the world, the organization soon became the envy of the global corporate world.

Many have asked, “How do you make such damn good coffee? Tell us your secret, O' Wise Ones.” Well, it all starts with the beans. The Writers & Rockers Coffee Bean Recruitment and Development Division conducts in-depth interviews with each bean to determine whether they meet the high standards of quality, integrity and devotion needed to become a coveted piece of a Writers & Rockers Coffee blend.

Once chosen, each bean is assigned their own Life Coach and must attend early morning yoga sessions and mid-afternoon meditations in order to discover and embrace their true purpose. Then the decision is made to advance their enrollment in the Musical or Literary divisions of Writers & Rockers Coffee.

The Musical Division utilizes their drive, talent and determination to lead each bean through an intense curriculum of musical theory and application. “We want that perfect note of coffee to be held and savoured. You get one chance in this business. Impress or get out.”

Upon graduation, a committee determines which beans have the “beans” to make it in a Writers & Rockers Coffee cup while sadly leaving the others to eventually muddle their way to a country or Hip Pop blend.

The principals of our Literary Blend Division go above and beyond to mentor their chosen beans to appreciate the classics. Moby Dick, War & Peace and the collective works of Tolstoy are intensely studied and analyzed during marathon lecture sessions. “We refuse to have a “Danielle Steele” type bean involved in any of our blends. Fine literature, like coffee is all about taste. Sometimes it can be taught, but unfortunately, sometimes one has to just walk away, knowing full well you’ve done your best.

Out of the millions of coffee beans grown and roasted throughout the world daily, only a handful will ever make the cut as a Writers & Rockers Coffee Bean. Few will ever have the honour of being ground and drowned for your pleasure and we’re okay with that. And the beans, well, they’re fine with that too. The only thing our beans ask is when you take that first mouthful of our joyous liquid, swallow slowly, look up to the Heavens and in a prayerful whisper to the angels above say,” Now that’s damn good coffee.”