Coney Hatch has teamed up with Writers & Rockers Coffee Company

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Classic Rockers, Coney Hatch has teamed up with Writers & Rockers Coffee Company in launching their own signature dark roast coffee titled Devil's Deck Dark Roast.
This Signature Dark Roast features the ever popular Guatemalan Antiqua Fair Trade Organic Coffee Beans. Guatamalan Fair Trade Organic coffee beans have a bright acidity and a smooth rich body. The earthy flavours of this pure arabica coffee come from the region's excellent soils and growing conditions.
Coney Hatch was formed in Toronto in 1980 and is named after the infamous lunatic asylum in Britain (spelt Colney Hatch) that bass player Andy Curran's parents had lived near before emigrating to Canada. In 1981 an ad was placed in the Toronto Star looking for a singer guitarist to join a working band. Carl Dixon joined Andy Curran, Dave Ketchum, Steve Shelski and on they went to release a kickass debut album in 1982 produced by Kim Mitchell, that still resonates today.
The Hatch toured with some of the biggest names in rock opening for Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Music videos for Fantasy and Devils Deck were featured on MTV and Hey Operator broke into top 20.
A few reunion gigs in the 90s kept the guys connected. In 2008 Carl Dixon was nearly killed in a car accident in Australia. Andy Curran spoke through the phone to Carl while Carl lay in a coma, it seemed Carl would not survive. Andy told Carl "the Hatch still has more rocking to do, you gotta survive"
They both kept the bargain! Carl incredibly survived the automobile accident with many serious injuries and now sports numerous titanium implants.
The four reunited to produce what many say is their best album yet in 2013, CONEY HATCH FOUR. It was voted into the UK's top 50 rock albums of 2013 by Classic Rock magazine.
In 2018 the Hatch line up changed, with Sean Kelly breathing new life into those brilliant riffs.
Writers & Rockers Coffee Company, located in Winnipeg, Canada teams up with artists across the globe to create and develop signature coffee blends. Their roster includes Todd Kerns, Harlequin, Trooper and the Queen City Kids to name a few.

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