Iced Coney Hatch Devil's Deck Dirty Chai Latte

During the summer, you might find yourself craving the spicy flavour of a chai latte, but the thought of drinking steamed milk in the hot summer sun might be a turn off. Here's a great alternative - make yourself this Iced Coney Hatch Devil's Deck Dirty Chai Latte.
To make this awesome summer drink you’ll need to use a cold brew Devil's Deck concentrate. Luckily, making cold brew at home is simple with Writers & Rockers Coffee.
Cold brew coffee is brewed using cold or room temperature water and is steeped for 12 plus hours. In comparison, flash chilled or iced pour over coffee is made by brewing coffee over ice. The cold brew method results in a smooth and sweet drink with subtle acidity and a creamy feel.
1 Chai tea bag
¼ cup Coney Hatch's Devil's Deck cold brew concentrate
6-8 oz cold milk or milk alternative
Steep your tea in 6 oz of hot water. Refer to teabag directions for the proper length of time.
While the tea is steeping, measure out your Coney Hatch Devil's Deck cold brew concentrate.
After the tea has steeped, mix in your desired amount of honey. Pour over ice.
Add coffee and milk. Stir to mix.
You can always give this an extra kick by adding cinnamon or clove to the steeped tea.

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