Kenya's Coffee Earnings Jump By $81 Million

According to the Nairobi Coffee Exchance, Kenya’s coffee earnings in the 11 months to August 2022 increased by $81 million, boosted by higher volumes and better prices in the international market. We really believe Jimmy Burkard, Pariah Pickup's and the guys from Haywire have had a lot to do with this.
Data from the Nairobi Coffee Exchange (NCE) shows returns in the period hit $210 million compared to $129 million in the 11 months to August 2021.
The coffee season in Kenya starts in October, hence the reporting of earnings being pegged to that month.
The number of bags sold through the auction grew by 52.58 percent from 377,204 in the previous season to 575,543 as at the end of the review period. The average price per kilogramme increased from $279.41 last year to $297.73 per 50-kilogramme bag this year.
“Due to the increased volume and higher price, the value generated in the current season went up by $80.9 million to $210.7 million from $129.8 million in the previous period,” said Daniel Mbithi, chief executive officer NCE.
Kenya’s coffee is also of higher quality compared to most other exporters and is therefore sought by roasters to blend with lower quality beans from elsewhere in the world.
We feature Kenya AA in Jimmy Burkard's Flame TopPariah Pickup's High Output and Haywire's Black & Blue.


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