Collection: Hard Shot/Writers & Rockers Coffee Liqueur

Grand Vieux Liquor Company and Writers & Rockers Coffee Company are excited to announce their new partnership and product, Hard Shot Coffee Liqueur.
“The flavour of this recipe is unbelievable. During a private tasting event, people were lining up to try it, wanting to know when they could buy cases of it,” said Pierce Cairns of Grand Vieux Liquor. “We think this is going to dramatically impact the entire coffee liqueur industry.”
“The two most common complaints about coffee liqueurs is that the coffee flavour tends to be a bit too bitter or the sweetness overpowers the coffee taste,” said Robert Young of Writers & Rockers Coffee. “What we've created eliminates all that.”
Both companies have spent countless hours on their Hard Shot Coffee Liqueur.
“The signature coffee blend that we created for this is the perfect combination of medium and dark roast 100% Arabica coffee beans that brilliantly highlights the true flavour of the coffee with the perfect amount of sweetness, without any trace of bitterness.”
“We use 100% corn vodka in all products,” said Cairns. “It is a higher quality than most on the market that is six times distilled, Kosher, gluten-free, allergen-free and GMO-free. It's smooth, creamy, and approachable for new and seasoned vodka enjoyers alike.”