Jimmy Burkard's Flame Top
Jimmy Burkard's Flame Top

Jimmy Burkard's Flame Top

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“Just give me a guitar and get out of my way.”

Jimmy Burkard is true a living legend in the Los Angeles guitar scene. With roots in Detroit Rock City, he is a veteran of rock and blues guitar with exceptional talent. His resume includes playing, recording and sharing the stage with Rudy Sarzo, Jimmy Paxton, Mike Inez, Simon Wright, Peter Tork and many other great musicians. Currently Jimmy is touring with the The Sweet and is a member of Westbound. You is also a sought after guitar gun for hire for many LA bands and performances including the ever so popular Randy Rhoads Remembered Events held in LA and Las Vegas. His instrumentals are available on all streaming platforms.
“That Flame Top is my workhorse guitar. It’s a 2005 58 reissue, chunky neck, Pariah Pickups. It’s a creamy sounding guitar with great mids and highs. The sound in my head has always been Les Pauls and Marshalls.”
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