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Lee Aaron's BodyRock

Lee Aaron's BodyRock

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Lee Aaron's BodyRock Coffee: A Blend Fit for a Metal Queen 

Prepare to embark on a coffee experience like no other with Lee Aaron's BodyRock Coffee. This exceptional blend, born from the success of Coffee With The Queen, is infused with the boldness of Colombian Supremo Espresso, making it a high-note kicker that's as electrifying as the Metal Queen herself.

A Career That Defies Description 

Summing up Lee Aaron's legendary career in a single paragraph is nearly impossible. The Canadian rock 'n' roll queen's journey is far from over, and her creative spirit continues to blaze brighter than ever. Known for her '80s hits, Lee Aaron's prolific output over the past decade proves that she never really left the spotlight.

From Jazz to Rock Royalty 

Lee Aaron's musical odyssey began with jazz and Broadway standards in the Toronto suburbs. At a young age, she formed a rock band, showcasing her vocal, keyboard, and saxophone skills at all-ages shows. Her debut album, "The Lee Aaron Project" (1982), featuring Canada's notable talents, put her on the international map and earned her recognition in Kerrang! magazine. Her powerhouse vocals and captivating stage presence wowed audiences at the 1983 Reading Festival.

Reigning as the Metal Queen 

In 1984, "Metal Queen" emerged, featuring the iconic title track, an empowering anthem that catapulted Lee Aaron to rock royalty. When legendary producer Bob Ezrin heard her sing, he stepped in to produce her next album, "Call of The Wild," which found chart success and sold over 100,000 copies in Europe in just six weeks. Hits like "Barely Holdin’ On," "Only Human," "Whatcha Do To My Body," "Hands On," and "Some Girls Do" solidified her as a multi-platinum sensation in her home country and beyond throughout the '80s and '90s.

An Icon's Influence 

Lee Aaron's impact on Canadian music is undeniable. "Bodyrock" was hailed as one of the 20 most influential Canadian albums of the '80s, with artists like Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morissette, and Shania Twain all under her influence. She consistently graced MuchMusic's list of Top Female Rockers Of All Time.

Versatility Beyond Measure 

In addition to her rock releases, Lee Aaron ventured into other genres, showcasing her prowess in jazz, blues, and even opera. Her versatility as a vocalist and songwriter has earned her respect as one of the most admired and accomplished artists in the industry.

Now, you can experience the essence of Lee Aaron with each cup of Lee Aaron's BodyRock Coffee. It's a blend that embodies the power, passion, and creativity that defines the Metal Queen's legendary career. Indulge in the magic of BodyRock Coffee today and savor a taste of rock 'n' roll history in every sip.


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