Tiffany's Breakfast
Tiffany's Breakfast

Tiffany's Breakfast

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Tiffany's Breakfast is based on Truman Capote's 1958 novella, Breakfast at Tiffany's. The 1961 film has become more famous for its visual shorthands, its signifiers of New York chic and fashionable femininity. Capote tells a story about a girl just going through life on her own way and finding the true meaning of it at the end — on her own terms.
Tiffany's Breakfast is an exclusive blend that lets you set the day on your own terms. Tiffany's Breakfast is unique combination of our Coffee With The Queen and Colombian Supremo. This medium roast blend has bright acidity and smoothly balanced flavors. The combination is specially blended to a flavour profile that most people enjoy in the morning.
340g/12oz of Damn Good Coffee
Roast: Dark
Varietal: Arabica

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