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Mitch Lafon's Rock Talk

Mitch Lafon's Rock Talk

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Embark on a Sonic Journey with Mitch Lafon's Rock Talk Coffee Blend! 

Indulge in the rich tapestry of rock history with each sip of Mitch Lafon's Rock Talk Coffee Blend – a symphony of flavors crafted by the esteemed music journalist who has been a guiding force in the world of rock for over two and a half decades.

Key Features:

  • Bold and Robust: Immerse yourself in the bold and robust notes of a unique combination of a dark roast Colombian Supremo and a medium roast Guatemalan Antiqua, this coffee blend, echoes the power and passion of rock and roll.
  • Finest Coffee Beans: Mitch Lafon's dedication to excellence is evident in the careful selection of premium coffee beans, ensuring a superior and satisfying brew.
  • Unique Rock Perspective: Benefit from Mitch's unparalleled insight, shaped by personal connections with rock legends and a lifetime dedicated to the craft.

Glimpse into Rock's Soul:

  • First-Hand Interviews: From an 11-year-old's conversation with KISS' Gene Simmons to today's in-depth discussions, each cup tells a story of rock's evolution.
  • Musical Mastery: Mitch Lafon's extensive knowledge and genuine love for music infuse every aspect of the Rock Talk Coffee Blend.

Support Mitch's Journey: Mitch Lafon, a respected music journalist, has faced health challenges due to Long Covid, and your support can make a difference in his journey. By purchasing the Rock Talk Coffee Blend, you contribute to Mitch's well-being and continued contributions to the world of rock. Mitch also has a GoFundMe page located here.

Savor the Flavor of Rock with Mitch Lafon's Legendary Coffee!

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